Upcoming Events

Important reminder Inside!

It's coming! 7th Annual Missions Experience!
July 9-11 at Helena Valley Faith Center
We already have quite a few missionaries planning to come! There are many that say that our event is the highlight of their year! We get lots of feedback that our church puts on a wonderful, fun opportunity for them to fellowship and connect with other missionaries around the world.
If you haven't come before, you will enjoy the meals we eat together while getting to know the missionaries---In addition to meals, there are activities and desserts that create great times to laugh and learn together.
Remember-- these people are people who:
who go where we cannot go,
who speak to cultures that we cannot imagine,
and whose courage and vision will inspire us all to pray and believe in ways we have never thought to do!
Faith Journeyz is in Ephesus
check out this picture-- 

This is Pastor MJ IN EPHESUS!!
If you want to dig into the book of Ephesians, be sure to come Sunday mornings at 9:15. There is added dimension because Pastor MJ has visited the area!
Don't miss it-- bring your own coffee, or get a coffee at the coffee bar or grab a latte' at the Family Room kiosk (a suggested donation gets you whatever you like from our Barista, Laura Adams)
Try it, you'll like it! (The teaching AND the coffee!)
Pastors Jeff and Colleen's plans
Here's the scoop:
The Richardses have arrived in Wales and are beginning their six week assignment to oversee the Bethel Baptist Church in Wales. Want to see them in action? We will soon be able to watch their services over the internet-- soon to be posted in our emails.
Once they return, they will be about the business of raising money for their mission to Wales.
If you want to support them and keep up to date with their news, go to this link:

Fundraising in the Foursquare Church 

Mark your calendars! 
This camp is for children 8 (or going into 2nd grade in the fall) through age 17
It is located on the banks of Canyon Ferry Lake at Hellgate Campground.
Campers live in dorm tents in an outdoor camping environment and will experience a variety of activities, including water fun.
Dates:  July 18-22, 2023 
(July 13-23, 2023 for staff)
Cost:  $225/camper (includes all food, lodging, activities, and 2 camp shirts)
For more information, go to their website here
Scholarships are available!
DAY CAMP: AUGUST 16-19, 2022
More info coming Soon.
Save the Date August 2-4

At Helena Faith!
Have you heard?

Pastors Brandon and Abi will be hosting
"Space Vacation Bible School"
August 2-4!
Stay tuned for more details!